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Color Matching Your Hair Extensions

At Art of Impact Salon and Spa, we understand that hand-tied extensions are more than just a beauty enhancement; they’re an art form that blends your natural hair with added length and volume. Preparing your hair color before getting a full install of hand-tied extensions is crucial for a flawless, seamless look. Let’s explore why matching your hair color meticulously and considering the placement of color application are key steps in achieving the perfect blend.

1. The Importance of Color Matching:

One of the most vital aspects of extension installation is ensuring your natural hair color and the extensions are a perfect match. Even a slight mismatch can disrupt the seamless illusion we aim for. Our color experts at Art of Impact specialize in custom-blending hair colors to match your extensions flawlessly, ensuring the transition between your natural hair and the extensions is undetectable.

2. Color Application Techniques for Seamless Blending

The way color is applied to your natural hair plays a significant role in how well it will blend with the extensions. Strategic color placement, such as highlights, lowlights, or balayage, can be used to create depth and dimension that mirrors the extensions. This technique ensures that when the extensions are installed, they integrate perfectly with the multi-tonal aspects of your colored hair.

3. Timing Your Color Service:

Getting your hair colored before the extension installation is essential. We recommend coloring your natural hair at least a week before the extension appointment. This allows for any necessary color adjustments and ensures that your hair is in optimal condition for the extension process.

4. Maintaining Hair Health:

Healthy hair is the best canvas for both color and extensions. At Art of Impact, we focus on maintaining the integrity of your hair during the coloring process, using high-quality products and techniques that minimize damage. This ensures that your hair remains strong and resilient, providing a stable foundation for the extensions.

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