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Hair Extension Salon

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Hair Extensions

Here at AOI, we offer several types of hair extension & extension installation methods. The best method for your application may look different than what your friend goes with depending on your hair length, volume, amount, and desired results. 

During your consultation, we’ll perform a thorough review of your hair – you can get a headstart, by reviewing the methods we’ll be working with below!

luxury hair extension salon in streetsboro, ohio

Types of Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Extensions

Weft Extensions

The most customizable extension method for luxury color, volume, and fullness!

Hand Tied extensions offer a type of weft that is hand sewn to give the thinnest track of hair to offer the most invisible, natural extension application. They have less contact points on the head for people who don’t want too many things to maneuver around when shampooing.

Your Hair Extension Specialist will create a foundation of beads on your natural hair.  Then, will sew the hand-tied wefts onto the beaded foundation, securely attaching the hand-tied weft to your natural hair.  

Salon Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

Keratin Bonds

Keratin Bond Extensions

Keratin bond hair extensions are a form of hair extensions that use keratin to bond the extension to natural hair, instead of the tapes or synthetic glues. These are great for someone who wants volume and a low maintenance style.

They can be used for volume, lengths, and color changes on all hair types. These will give the hair the most movement and feel like their own because of the contact points throughout the head.

They can stay in without any adjustments for 4 months with proper care and the hair can not be reused.

Salon Maintenance: 4-6 months


I-Tip Extensions

I-Tip hair extension makes it possible for your hair to be more versatile when it comes to styling. Similar feel to the keratin bonds but these are secured with a bead.

They can be used for volume, length, and color changes on all hair types. They will also allow for maximum movement in the hair because there are many contact points.

It is recommended that they are adjusted every 6 weeks and the hair is reusable.

Salon Maintenance: 6 – 8 weeks


Tape Ins

Tape-in Extensions

Tape in extensions are thin, lightweight tape wefts that require no tools or chemicals for application. They typically require less application time compared to hand tied extensions, but last less time.

A small weft hair extension is used with either a double or single-sided application bond to adhere the weft to your natural hair. These are good for people with all hair types, tends to work best for more fine hair. 

They can be used for volume, length, and color changes. If someone doesn’t like the feeling of the bumps on their head that wefts have, then these ARE a better option because they lay flatter.

Salon Maintenance: 6-8 weeks

A Pop of Color


Micro-Tip Extensions

Micro-Tips are meant to be a more natural-looking alternative to tape-ins with the proper maintenance. Essentially, they’re small  beads that are used to attach tiny, individual hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair.

These are recommended for people with extremely fine hair as they will mimic a hair transplant.

The hair only comes in one length (10″) so it is more recommended for shorter hair guests who need volume. It is secured with a bead and the hair can not be reused. 

Salon Maintenance: 4-6 weeks


Before Hand Tied ExtensionsAfter Hand Tied Extensions
Before Extensions for Thin HairAfter Extensions for Thin Hair
Before Custom Color Hair ExtensionsAfter Custom Color Hair Extensions
Maintaining Hair Extensions

All of these extensions need to be treated like platinum blonde hair. So being very gentle and careful when brushing so nothing snags! All of these methods also need to be blowdried at least at the scalp and base of the extensions to avoid any mold/mildew growth or avoid any slipping of the extensions.

Extension Care

At-Home Extension Care

  • Brushing your hair 2-3 times a day starting at the ends and working you way up avoiding the wefts
  • Deep conditioning them 3 times a month to keep them from getting dry on the ends
  • Shampoo and Condition with Sulfate Free Products
  • Do not pull or tug on your wefts
  • Do not use purple shampoo on your extensions
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase, with your hair up in a bun or braided to the side to protect your hair from tangling
  • Stay away from chlorine and Keratin Products
  • Spray on sunscreen can change the color of your hair, avoid using around the hair.

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