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About Us

our why

Art of Impact Salon & Spa

On A Mission to

Shake our industry from what it always has been by blazing the trail


offering a 5-star experience unmatched anywhere within our community.

Our Core Values

Investing in Self Care is Not Selfish

Our priorities are faith, family, then finance. We understand that self care is not about me first, it’s about me too. We do not allow ourselves to serve from an empty vessel.

Manifest More

Gratitude and optimism are what cultivates our mindset and when we seek the desires of our hearts through an optimistic lens, they shall be granted to us.

Passion Promotes Progress

We push ourselves to continuously improve our craft. We understand anything you aren’t changing, you are choosing. We take pride in approaching challenging situations with a mindset of vulnerability in order to grow.

Always Serve Selflessly

When we see a need, we fill a need. Our intention is to seek meaningful moments by leaving our guests and coworkers with love..always.

Clear Communication is Kind

We’re clear with one another, therefore we’re authentically kind. We don’t shy away from honest conversation. Avoiding communication to prevent rocking the boat creates lack of clarity and is actually unkind.

Take Up Your Sword

Slay the day. Iron sharpens iron. Be on-point. Be present. Be ready. Be willing. Be intentional. Be responsible. Be better.

The Vision

Visionaries at heart, Art of Impact Salon & Spa envisions a future where beauty, talent, and innovation intersect to create extraordinary experiences.

Our goal is to build a scalable and profitable salon that emphasizes clear communication, structured goals, and a nurturing environment for both seasoned and emerging talents. With a focus on hair color, extensions, and comprehensive skincare, we strive to offer services that enhance our clients’ natural beauty while ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable career path for our team.

We are committed to no weekend work, fostering a supportive culture that prioritizes family over finance, and providing a flexible framework that respects the individual needs of our team members. Our salon is more than a workplace; it’s a community of givers, researchers, and educators dedicated to pushing the boundaries and achieving collective success.

Our Why


Relax into the exceptional care as we transform your hair and nourish your soul, so you can conquer the world.

Top Tier Industry Education

The only constant in the beauty industry is change!

Trends, techniques, and our guests’ needs are always evolving. Our team is committed to ongoing education in order to give you the best experience possible while achieving your dream hair.

Our Impact

At Art of Impact Salon + Spa we make a conscious effort to give back beautifully beyond hair and skin.

When you come for an experience with us a portion of your investment goes into our Impact Fund which we use to give back to our community when we see someone in need.

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